Classic Animation Art

This is devoted to production art from the golden age of animation. for inspirational and educational purposes.

Model sheet.
The Worm Turns (Disney, 1937)
Model sheet.
Mickey’s Service Station (Disney, 1935)
Model sheet.
Thru the Mirror (Disney, 1936)
Model sheet.
The Whalers (Disney, 1938)
Preliminary poster drawing.
Moose Hunters (Disney, 1937)

Production drawings.

Boogie Woogie Sioux (Lantz, 1942)

Model sheet.
The Little Wise Quacker (MGM, 1952).

Model sheets.

Grin and Share It (MGM, 1957).

Production drawing.
Barbary Coast Bunny (WB, 1956)
Concept sketch.
The Pied Piper (Disney, 1933)
Layout drawing.
Bully for Bugs (WB, 1953)
Publicity drawing.
The Wise Little Hen (Disney, 1934).
Storyboard panel.
Der Fuhrer’s Face (Disney, 1943)
Model sheet.
Parrotville Fire Department (Van Beuren, 1935).
Model sheet.
Chips Off the Old Block (MGM, 1942)