Classic Animation Art

This is devoted to production art from the golden age of animation. for inspirational and educational purposes.

Production drawing.
"Casey Junior" (from The Reluctant Dragon - Disney, 1941).
Layout drawing.
Chinaman’s Chance (Iwerks, 1933).
Model sheet of Buzz Buzzard.
Early 1950s.
Production drawing.
The Spinach Overture (Fleischer, 1935).
Production drawing.
Yankee Doodle Daffy (WB, 1943).

Preliminary publicity drawings.

The Fox Hunt (Disney, 1938).

Layout drawings.

The Chain Gang (Disney, 1930).

Production drawings.

Goofy and Wilbur (Disney, 1939).

Production background.
The Art of Self-Defense (Disney, 1941).
Preliminary lobby card.
The Foxy Duckling (WB, 1947).
Production drawing.
Rabbit Romeo (WB, 1957).

Preliminary promotional art.

Donald’s Better Self (Disney, 1938).

Preliminary lobby card.
Porky Chops (WB, 1949).
Preliminary promotional drawing.
The Practical Pig (Disney, 1939).

Layout drawings.

Jumpin’ Jupiter (WB, 1955).